Tae Kwon Do Training Develops Self-Confidence

Success in any self-improvement program is a foundation for self-confidence and self-confidence. Tae Kwon Do offers the opportunity to increase strength, flexibility, memory, coordination and self-defense. This confidence is rooted on physical and mental improvement as well as self-discipline, offering greater rewards than most athletic programs. Such confidence does not depend on simply winning and is not reserved only for the best players as is the case in most sports. These personal gains are available to all students and are life-long achievements.

Tae Kwon Do Training Reduces Stress Levels

Today's stressful world, for children and adults alike, is detrimental to our physical and mental health.  Tae Kwon Do, through intense mental focus, physical conditioning, personal improvement and meditation offers an effective escape from the students' daily stress and frustration.  These achievements carry over to their personal lives and help them gain a greater sense of perspective in their every day activities.

Tae Kwon Do Training Develops Self-Esteem

Tae Kwon Do develops both the mind and body, challenging the student to a deeply rewarding process of mastering techniques, combinations and complex patterns. These accomplishments foster a rock solid foundation of pride, sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Tae Kwon Do Training Promotes Physical Fitness and a Healthy Body Weight

Traditional Tae Kwon Do training challenges the student train with their entire body, offering the opportunity to obtain good physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Students experience improvement in cardiovascular health, coordination, strength, speed and flexibility.

Tae Kwon Do Training Allows You to Defend Yourself

Tae Kwon Do training provides  the mental strength, self-control and clarity needed to avoid most confrontation. Students are also taught to successfully defend themselves when conflict is unavoidable. Students are trained to use techniques to quickly and effectively avoid becoming victims of violent crime.


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Tae Kwon Do is both an ancient Korean Martial Art, and modern international Olympic sport...
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Grandmaster Ju Ho Ahn


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News from Grand Master Ju Ho Ahn

Welcome and thank you for visiting  Ahn's

Martial Arts Academy's website.


Upcoming Events

1. Next promotional test  is scheduled for December 8th, 2017, 5:30 pm. Good luck to everyone at the upcoming promotional test. Remember that hard and lots of practice will bring many positive rewards.  Those testing for Cho Dan Bo and Black Belts need to make an appointment with Grandmaster Ahn 2 weeks before the test.  On test day, please be warmed up and ready to test by 5:30p.m.


2.  All Black Belts need to show up before 5:00 p.m. and help lower belts practice forms.


3. The next Black Belt class on November 18th at 10:00 a.m. All Cho Dan Bo and All Black Belts need to attend.


All Black Belt must have sparring equipment.


4. There will be no class on 22,23,24 and 25th, 2017.


5.The next Black Belt class Saturday December 30th 2017.